Butchers and Thieves is a musical project created out of a joint appreciation for creative acoustic performances of folk, rock, R+B and country songs. Together, we like to present audiences with an unexpected mix of songs that cover a broad sonic template–from old-timey American roots music to the Harlem Renaissance and into the psychedelic sixties, singer-songwriter seventies and even into the grunge of the nineties. We try to keep audiophiles guessing and casual listeners singing along as we explore the communal magic of live music.

Your friendly neighborhood Butchers and Thieves. Thieving and Butchering for your musical appreciation since 2015.

Places We've Played

  • The Hill Farm (Arlington VT)
  • Browns Brewing (Hoosick Falls NY)
  • Ramuntos (Bennington VT)
  • Lake Parran (North Bennington VT)
  • Perfect Wife (Manchester Center VT)
  • The Manchester Inn (Manchester VT)
  • Harvest Brewing (Bennington VT)
  • The Tap Room (Bennington VT)
  • Madison Brewing (Bennington VT)


Short fat and happy (most of the time), except for the fact that he's lost all Pigment in his beard.


The tall and slender one, who carries a harmonica like a weapon.